Monday, October 07, 2013

BREAKING "Vikings sign QB Josh Freeman to a one year contract"


I'll give you my take when the dust settles. Firstly I'd like to post some stats and videos of our newest player and welcome him to the team!  His twitter handle is @JF5x 

How many much will his followers number go up?

If you're dying for up to the minute news stories on the Freeman signing click here. It's every news source online!  Here is a take from last night from an anonymous source within the Vikings.

"I think Josh Freeman is a good player," a Vikings source told ESPN's Josina Anderson. "We just have to figure out where things went wrong in Tampa Bay so we can help him. He is too young not to progress."

Ok, let's look at his career stats.  Click on any image to enlarge them all and scroll in the light box.  I picked situational stats to get a better look.

It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the dome games week in and out if he sticks around.  (Though he is 2-0 here)  One thing that pops out to me, he seems solid in short and long passing plays, but real herky jerk with intermediate routes, same can be said for when he is in opposition territory trying to get into scoring position.  Does this mean he is just bad at making reads and decisions?  WELP 

I honestly have only seen the kid play the two times he played against us. He played great, he was 41-67, 500 yards, 4 TDs and one INT.  He also engineered that nice 17-0 comeback against us the first time around and last year they beat us pretty sound in the dome as well.  

Here are some highlights of what he is capable of... he definitely has a great arm!  He also seems fearless, which may explain some the interception numbers.  His passer rating in tie games is his best.

Super Bowl homeboy =D

Here is the most recent video after he was benched...

Here are some videos indicting SCHIANO...

Via sports nation

Ed Werder discusses Tampa Bay drama

"Schiano is too damn stubborn"

This is home made but details the Beef between he and Freeman

Here Tampa  Bay QB Trent Dilfer discusses the Freeman signing.
Here is a great blog about the implications of the signing on Ponder. 

So what do you guys think? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.  SKOL!


Brady Vant Hull said...

I will go on Record that Freeman is a horrible addition to the vikings. He can't be any worse than Ponder and Cassel but he won't be much better. It's a temporary fix until they can draft someone good. They are just trying to save face.

I also said that the bikes are where QB's go to die. Sure they may have a little gas in the engine, but they won't get you to where you need to go. Yes, there were glimmers of brilliance, but not enough

Warren Moon
Randall Cunningham
Jeff George (Really! Jeff George?!)
Brett Favre
Donovan McNabb

Lets try and get 6 Pack Tommy back in Purple. Maybe lets call Steve Deberg and see if he still has an arm.

and then you have horrible draft choices or trades...

Aaron Yankosky said...

Well as promised here is my Rant! WHERE IS ADRIAN PETERSON? More importantly where in the hell is our offensive line? I wanna find some positives as I sit and watch this MIN/NY game but I'm struggling. Yay Special Teams?! Is that really what we are reduced to? I mean I think it's great that our Defense has held the Giants to 10 points. But the Giants are punishing themselves with dropped passes while we can't seem to complete. OVERTHROWN passes left and right. It's ridiculous! Freeman might just have first game jitters but c'mon man. Ya' gotta hit the wide open WR's! Our Secondary is still friggin' pathetic. We can't seem to make stops in 1 on 1 coverage. Our D-line isn't getting solid pressure. And don't get me started on the whole Carolina game last weekend. We seemed to just play without any fire at all. Just kinda going through the motions. We gotta get it going. Sadly, I've given up on playoff hopes and yet I fear we'll still finish just okay enough to screw us out of getting a decent draft pick. While I do wanna give Freeman another couple of games before I start bitching about him, he has got to step it up and do it fast! But again, I don't give a shit who you have at QB, we NEED to protect our QB and allow Adrian to get some running room! K....rant over for now, Let's go VIKES! Gimme your thoughts Crom!