Thursday, December 01, 2016


Well hello all!

I am back. So much to talk about... but I'll keep this brief.

Firstly, relax! We are 6-5 with 5 games left. Please stop assuming that every team with one more win than us or a tie breaker on us is going to win out! We could easily finish 4-1 and other teams 2-3 and win the division or at least make the playoffs!

Should we talk about the history between these two teams?  There's too much!
Here are a few pics-  jog any memories? 😜 Some serious highs and lows. We need a high tomorrow.

I must say I'm sad AP isn't playing tonight.. He always gets up for the Boys... 3 games, 3 TDs  and about 100 yards from scrimmage per game... also this highlight!

So based on twitter I'd say people are excited for the game but trying not to get their hopes up. So I decided I would think of some positives. Here's a list of reasons to feel good about our chances.
  • We are 4-1 at home
  • Bradford has 0 INTs at home
  • Our defense is almost back to "full" strength
  • Cowboy's two rookies haven't faced a D like ours
  • They're "due a loss" (longest Regular Season streak ever)
  • They allow twice as many sacks on the road
  • They allow twice as many passing TDs too
Here's the injury report...

I am not gonna write about the obvious... how impressive their record is, how efficient their offense is, how inconsistent ours is... I honestly think that our defense will be bringing their A game, our offense will make a few plays and that we will win this game in victory formation. (Though it will be down to the wire) Our only loss at home this year was in OT and after a series of very unfortunate events.  Maybe we will be the team that makes Ezekiel or Dak look pedestrian. We shall see!

Stay optimistic ok? Don't start freaking out after the first three and out or if we are down early #Faith

Friday, December 11, 2015

We got stomped by Seattle! (8-4)

Well, that happened.  After crap losses I usually am too emotional to write anything.  This is just a quick look back to clear my guilty conscious for not writing anything for over a week. 

How we all felt!

That game was enough to make even the die hardest fans question our team.  Sure, there were a lot of missing starters, but still... we got owned on offense and defense.  Let's take a look at my "hopes" for the game and see how we did...

  • Can ALL DAY not fumble on the turf at home? (all 6 at home) HE DIDN'T. YAY
  • Will the Vikings get 120 yards rushing? NOPE
  • Can we punish Rawls and not the other way around? NOPE
  • Can we get in his head? force some mistakes? Hit him hard? WE FORCED 1 FUMBLE BUT HE GOT 100+ NOPE
  • Can we keep their avg, undrafted, WRs in check? LOL NO
  • Who's getting Sherman? Can we parade all three of our speedsters at 1 and run 'em deep every snap? NO-OOORV
  • I anticipate 5 WRs dressed and of 'em all getting snaps! PSSH
  • Can Walsh make all his kicks? I THINK HE DID
  • Can Teddy keep his stat sheet clean of INTs? NO SIR
  • Which O Line shows up? The Awful one? AWFUL
  • Their best DE has 2 sacks on the road- can we keep it at 2? NO

Well as you can see, we didn't accomplish anything important. Lost the turnover battle, time of possession, allowed big plays, minimally harassed WILSON. SIGH. 

This was the lone bright spot. At least he's consistent... Go Flash! While we're here, I was OK with him celebrating it. He was excited.  It didn't bug me that much. Let's hope he does it again when it matters though! I mean the fans celebrated too, the cheerleaders, the crowd got to sing SKOL Vikings at least!


Friday, December 04, 2015

Week 13 - Seattle! (home)

Seattle is a weird team to face, a new rivalry of sorts.  Partially because they seem to always take our misfit toys from us, kinda because of the the "poison pill," a little because they're a mirror image of our team, but mostly because we wished we were the them the last two times they crushed us.  There's a motivational video linked  if you wanna see the most recent game.  Lynch beasted for 3 TDs against a pathetic Vikings team led by the Kindergarten Teacher.

Thankfully we've got a few more pieces on defense and won't give up 30+ points again?

We're coming off a solid victory in Atlanta and an annoying win for the Pack in Detroit.  They're coming off an ugly road win in Pittsburgh.  We're at home, they're beat up, Vegas is calling it a "pick 'em."

My take on that Pack win, hat tip for great Hail Mary, but the refs need to get consistent with the calls / no calls before our Pack rematch! I am tired of A Rod getting the Kobe treatment and Teddy getting screwed. 

Gee I wonder who got the call and who didn't!

Here is what the Seattle beat writers think about the game.

Here's another take from Seattle writer Terence Q Johnson at SB.
On paper, in traditional terms, these teams match up well. Seattle boasts the 8th-highest scoring offense in the NFL in terms of points but has only the 8th best defense; Minnesota is just 24th best in offense but shows 2nd in defense. The Seahawks have a +45 point differential, the Vikes a +37.

Both teams have around 1600 yards on 330-ish rushing attempts; they both throw the ball about as often as they run; and they both average starting drives with the ball about 3 yards farther downfield than their opposition. In terms of efficiency, both teams manage a new set of downs or a touchdown 68% of the time, sitting at 12th and 13th in the league.*

By DVOA, though, Seattle projects as the better team, with a 4th-ranked offense going up against Minnesota's 14th-ranked defense.

In spite of their similarities, don't expect Sunday's game to be a mirror image on both sides of the ball, as the teams will spend the first quarter probing weaknesses in the opposition before, presumably, attempting to exploit them.
You guys know me, I don't like to do predictions.  I just make a list of what can happen... of my hopes if you will!  But before that, here is a Screenshot of the injury report.  I agree that this game is a scratch IF the Beast and Graham are playing, but without?  I am not so sure. I also find it odd how we can "shut down" the Megatron and Julio Jones types but always seem to get killed by guys who come out of nowhere. (See GB game) So that worries me,  given this Seattle team of people I've never heard of. (I don't play fantasy)

OK, here is my list of hopes.  If we get most 
of these we should win the game!
  • Can AP not fumble on the turf at home? (all 6 at home)
  • Will the Vikings get 120 yards rushing? #Undefeated
  • Can we punish Rawls and not the other way around?
  • Can we get in his head? force mistakes? Hit him hard?
  • Can we keep their avg, undrafted, meh WRs in check?
  • Who's getting Sherman? Can we parade all three of our speedsters at 1 and run 'em deep every snap? (lol)
  • I anticipate 5 WRs dressed and of 'em all getting snaps!
  • Can Walsh make all his kicks?
  • Can Teddy keep his stat sheet clean of INTs?
  • Which O Line shows up? The great one of the Awful one?
  • Their best DE has 2 sacks on the road- can we keep it at 2?
I think if you combine the Viking fan's doubts with the Seattle fan's overconfidence you get a draw.  I honestly think we have more playmakers on offense than they do, and an equal amount on defense too.  I am not sure if Linval J is a scratch yet, but Harry the Hitman is playing, Barr too. Hendricks!  I'll take it!  Seattle will obviously be bringing their A game and a sense of urgency so I hope we do too.  We've lacked that at home all year.  Honestly I think if we can get a fast start we'll win "comfortably." 


We need a little of this Sunday!



Solid win. Once again our defense held a good quarterback to a mediocre game, we won the turnover/ possession battle, and we had success running the ball!  Any win on the road in the NFL is something to be proud of.  Here are some "prime stats" from the game.

Click Here
AP dagger put us all to ease!

Game MVP? Anthony Barr with 2 forced fumbles