Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AP butts heads with Rams, Wins (8-6)

SKOLVIKINGS! This game started out tit for tat but we had a couple explosive plays that really changed the momentum early.  Some fella was nice enough to upload these to YouTube.  Have a look!  

Never get sick of seeing this guy gallop 

The great thing about being up 17 points so fast was that it ended up skewing their playbook.  S. Jackson only ended up with 13 carries for the whole game which is a pretty low number for the work horse that he is, though he have 70+ yards receiving.  (C.C to AP)  Similar to our only other road victory wining the turnover battle was huge for us this game. It will be key against the Texans as well.  This is what stood out for me Sunday.

  • Blair Walsh = Pro Bowl: 5/5 FGs 3/3 XPs & 7/9 touchbacks
  • Before they went into "catch up" mode our defense had great pressure. Four sacks at the end of the day + many knockdowns
  • Every week someone new makes a big play for us 
  • We gave up yards but held them to 4/16 efficiency on 3rd and 4th down. Props to our defense!
  • Odd (poor) time management at the end of the half but we moved it enough to get the FG. Sure you'd like to "take some shots" at the end zone but I'm still pleased with that little 2 minute offense (after theirs failed)
  • AP, again, ridiculous. A broken record breaking records
  • Burton did something, Carlson too. Baby steps. 
  • Ponder didn't choke. Nice scramble for the TD too!
  • B ROB got hurt, but others stepped up. GRIFFEN!
In regards to Robison there's no official word yet on his return. He might miss this game.  We shall see... I bet he toughs it out!  

Yes you can can!

So, the Texans in their house? 

"Oh they have such a good run defense, and a great record, JJ Watt and Foster and Andre Johnson and and and..."  

Yup.  I see all that.  I can't front I really like their brand of football and their star players.  I can't say anything bad about their team actually.  They're a smash mouth team with great skill position players but they're still beatable.  It's just gonna take a really well played game from us with very few penalties, no costly turnovers and some big plays from somewhere.  Maybe it'll be Sherels returning one again or a WR will finally catch AND run or AP will just plug away until he gets one.  WHO KNOWS!  Any given Sunday.  Our defense has to play the game of the year.  I guarantee they're not taking us lightly!  Besides as we all know, there is a lot at stake this game.  Playoff seeds, milestones and records.  Texan's second ranked rush defense prolly has some motivation to stop AP... just a hunch. 

Dickerson had some help in 1984. AP? Not so much.

For those of you unfamiliar with just exactly how dominant Dickerson was.  He set the all time rushing record his second year in the league... in 1984... and went on to dominate for a while.  Have a look.

Fingers crossed for AP!

So the question everyone is wondering, will AP break 2,000 yards? Will he beat Dickerson's record of 2,105?  He needs 188 for 2,000 and 294 to BREAK the record... how far will he go?  NEW POLL! Top right, fill it out!

Oh, sad viking had this to say...

But GRIFFEN stepped up!

"WTF Adrian can't we rest for 2 minutes before you score again?!"


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